Buy green cardamom in bulk

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Buy green cardamom in bulk

Buy bulk green cardamom  as one of the aromatic spices used in making food for flavoring. This substance is one of the golden compounds that many cooks add to a certain amount to create a different taste in cooked food. Cardamom is one of the products that grows in tropical regions such as Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other countries that are near the equator. This product is often imported to Iran through Indonesia, Guatemala and India, and Indian cardamom is considered the best type of this product.

Daily price of cardamom

The price of green cardamom  is determined according to its coarseness, and the larger the seed, the higher the price. The more ripe the cardamom, the higher its price.
The best type of this product is known as  superior green cardamom  , and at the time of purchase, you should note that the seeds that are greener are of high quality, and the price will decrease as the color tends to turn yellow. Bold green is the best choice to buy.

cheap green cardamom

Opening the skin of this product reduces its quality and causes it to be sold at a lower price in the market. Due to the fact that this product is imported, the price of green cardamom in Tehran market is affected by the currency price and therefore it may change every day.
The price of transporting this product from India to Tehran also affects its price. The amount of cardamom harvest and the harvest season also affect its price in Tehran.

Purchase and price of bulk green cardamom

When buying bulk green cardamom, you should pay attention to its shell. Shells with black dots on them are not very attractive to buy. Pay attention that the cardamoms that have damaged skin such as scratches and corrosion are of lower quality. In this way, the skin of the cardamom should be green and healthy at the time of purchase.
As you know, the aroma of a good cardamom is great and this product has a very pleasant smell.
To buy green cardamom in bulk, you can order the 5 kg cartons that are available in Yahineh. Packages of 250 grams, half kilo, 1 kilo and 5 kilos are sent sealed inside the carton in whatever quantity the customers order.

Properties of cardamom tea

The use of  cardamom in tea  has many medicinal properties in addition to increasing the pleasant and aromatic aroma. Among the properties of cardamom tea, the following can be mentioned:

  • Treatment of urinary disorders

Using cardamom in a tea drink will help treat diseases and infections of the administrative system such as bladder inflammation, nephritis and gonorrhea. Cardamom helps to strengthen the kidney and is very effective for treating nocturnal enuresis in children.

  • Treatment of digestive disorders

The use of cardamom in tea results in the extraction of methanol extract and volatile oils, which will be effective in controlling and improving digestive disorders such as acidity, nausea, flatulence, and stomach cramps. Cardamom tea also stimulates appetite and improves digestion.

  • Antimicrobial property

Cardamom has anti-microbial and anti-infection properties, its use in tea causes the release of volatile oils, and these oils have the ability to inhibit the growth and spread of dangerous microbes (food poisoning agents).

  • Cardiovascular health

Consumption of cardamom has a positive effect on the health of the heart and blood vessels and helps to reduce the heart rate and control the rhythm of the heart rate. Cardamom also controls blood pressure.

  • Improve blood circulation

Using cardamom in tea helps to improve blood flow in the body. Cardamom has long been used to treat asthma and bronchitis symptoms by improving blood flow to the lungs.

  • Energizing and warming property

With its warming and energizing properties, cardamom increases mood, restores lost energy and strength. It also reduces anxiety and worry and is quite effective in relieving depression.

  • Removes sore throat and phlegm

Cardamom is suitable for preventing the formation of phlegm in the throat, and with properties similar to  expectorant , it cleans the nose and chest from phlegm and excess secretions well.

Sale of green cardamom in bulk

Vehina Trading is a seller and distributor of green cardamom in bulk and sells this product to the market in bulk. To buy green cardamom online,  call 09134255340  and  03195010045  and you can find out the daily price of green cardamom with these numbers.
Cardamom should be packed in such a way that the seeds inside are not exposed to light. Light, especially sunlight, can reduce the aroma of cardamom. Another damage that light can do to cardamom is its color change, which is a significant point for people who want to store it in the warehouse and sell it at the right time. Because this food item is sensitive to moisture, a plastic layer is also used during packaging to prevent moisture from penetrating through the carton.
After ordering, this product will be sent to you by mail or bus. You can place your order very quickly by contacting the experts of Vehina Company and the product you bought will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.

The use of cardamom in cooking

By adding cardamom to coffee and tea, a pleasant taste is added to these drinks. Green cardamom can also be used to make sweet and rose water. This product can also be used as a flavoring for foods such as rice, soup and stew.
A pleasant aroma and taste is given to the chicken by putting it in compounds that contain cardamom. Powdered cardamom is used as a spice in cooking food.
If you have a restaurant or eatery, you are advised to buy green cardamom in bulk in the food you prepare for your customers, to satisfy them and make them your customers permanently. Ice cream shops and cafes can also take advantage of this special opportunity and add new flavors to their product list.
An important point that you should pay attention to when buying bulk green cardamom is that you should not look for powdered cardamom; Because in this case, it is very difficult to distinguish its freshness and ingredients; And it may have added a lot of cardamom to make it affordable.


Benefits and properties of bulk green cardamom

Cardamom is used to freshen the mouth because of its good aroma. One of the important benefits listed for cardamom is the strengthening of various parts, including the heart.
Using cardamom can be a cure for phlegm in the throat. This property has caused cardamom to be used in combination with dairy products that cause flatulence and phlegm.
Cardamom is an energizing spice, and when you are not in the mood, use its ingredients in foods. This substance can also be effective in treating and improving fever and cold.

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