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Iranian blue salt is the best and highest quality salt

Iranian blue salt is one of the rarest salts in the world and the main reason for its blue color is the presence of magnesium element in the composition of this rare salt. One of the reasons why this salt is useful for our health is the presence of various minerals in its composition, which makes our body healthy.

Magnesium:  The main reason for the blue and eye-catching color of this stone is the presence of this mineral. But this substance also has other uses, which we can refer to as creating energy, protein formation, muscle movement, etc.

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Potassium:  Blue Lot salt is rich in potassium. This mineral helps to reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular health. It is also very useful for muscle strength and bone strength and plays a role in some important body processes and reactions. You may be surprised to learn that a diet rich in potassium can reduce the risk of death by 20%.

Sodium: One of the minerals found in the composition of Iranian blue salt is the presence of sodium element. Our body needs a small amount of sodium to contract and relax the muscles. It also makes the ratio of water and minerals in the body more balanced.

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Calcium: Calcium is an important and required element for all living organisms. The presence of this element is very necessary for muscle contraction and the cardiovascular system. It is also necessary for the health of bones and for the growth and maintenance of bones in the body. Almost 99% of the body’s calcium is in the bones.

Dairy products are one of the most famous sources of calcium among people. Although many people do not know that Iranian blue salt is a good source of minerals such as calcium.

Iron: This mineral found in the composition of salt is necessary and essential in improving the function of hemoglobin and oxygen conversion.

Negative ions: The presence of negative ions in this rock salt is the cause of treating many problems, especially mental illnesses such as stress, depression, insomnia, dullness, fatigue, etc.



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It is a rare type of mineral salt with a unique blue color and rich in minerals and useful for the human body. Blue salt is also noticed by everyone because of its beautiful color and unlike sea salt which is extracted from the sea basins, it is completely mineral and extracted from the heart of the mountains with expensive and exhausting methods. This special mineral salt is extracted from the mountains of Semnan province in Iran.

Blue salt, which is one of the main products of the Karnica website:

They have two types of fine grain blue salt or sugar blue salt in the term and coarse grain salt or crystal salt .

Iranian blue salt is known worldwide both for its age of several million years and for its special properties.

Carnica blue salt crystal
Carnica blue salt crystal
Properties of blue crystal salt
One of the most important reasons that many people both inside and outside have a strong desire to consume crystal blue salt . There are many minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron that the human body needs daily.


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Selling and price blue salt

Other unique properties of this crystal salt include the following:

Anti-infective and antibacterial properties
Blood pressure regulation
Adjusting the balance of the body
Strong anti-stress
Sleep regulation
Aid in digestion
Fix some respiratory problems
Increase body immunity
Prevents muscle spasms
Useful for oral hygiene
How to prepare crystalline blue salt:
Due to the many properties of this mineral, many people have taken advantage of dear consumers in the country. Therefore, it is necessary for professional people to distinguish the original crystalline salt from the fake one. To prepare this type of salt, we must inquire about the price of blue crystal salt from reliable websites and buy it. The purpose of the Karnica website is to offer and sell blue crystal salt and original iran blue salt in completely hygienic and beautiful packages to our dear compatriots all over Iran.

selling salt

blue salt price and purchase

How to calculate the price of blue salt? The price of blue salt is offered based on the purity of the salt.

There are several models of blue salt rock crystal. It is a premium blue salt model. Another model is presented based on grade 1 to grade 4. Premium blue salt is the best type of salt. The bigger and bolder the size, the better it is, which is also called premium or collectible. The lower the purity of the salt, i.e. the lighter it is, the more suitable the price of blue salt will be.
Crystal blue rock salt is also called Delnamk. A wonderful delicacy should be prepared from the cities of iran and Garmsar. You should not get this type of salt from Jahorm city because the salt of this city smells of sulfur and gas comes out of it.

Blue salt is globally known as Persian blue salt . iran blue salt is mainly purchased from European countries. Because they are very aware of the healing properties of blue salt . The blue color of iran salt has turned blue due to the presence of minerals such as sylvoite, iron, calcium, potassium, under pressure and special weather conditions. Lut itself is the biggest main supplier of blue and pink salt in Iran . Ask to buy original blue salt from Lott Company.

Lot is the largest company in the field of selling and exporting all kinds of salt, especially Iranian blue salt. All products have reasonable and affordable prices. The reason for this reasonable price is only one thing that Lott sells its products directly from its own mine without any intermediary.

Reasons why Iranian blue salt is expensive

Blue salt is one of the most expensive salts in the world. It is used in large and modern restaurants because of its special taste and elegance. The blue veins in rock salt have also led to the special and expensive nature of this salt.

Among other factors, we can mention the limited amount of blue salt mines. Apart from Iran, blue salt is found in three other places in the world, but only Iranian blue salt is edible and has great value. For this reason, its production is also very small.

Blue salt or pink salt?

These salts are both famous and have many benefits, which has made both salts expensive, but blue salt has characteristics that distinguish it from pink salt and other salts:

  • Its unique color is not found in any salt.
  • Blue salt is rich in magnesium and many other minerals that cannot be found in any rock salt, not even pink rock salt.
  • Blue salt has a unique taste. A taste that is very salty at the beginning but ends with a mild and very pleasant taste.

Fake blue salt is destroying your health

At any time, try to buy your blue salt from reliable centers and sites to be sure, the blue salt purchased is organic salt. Unfortunately, some corrupt businesses add blue color to table salt and sell it as Iranian blue salt.

What is blue salt and what are its properties?

Blue salt, which is known globally as Persian blue salt, is edible salt or table salt, which is produced due to the presence of certain minerals such as sylvoite, iron, calcium and potassium under special weather and atmospheric conditions as well as pressure. And the humidity has become this color.
The blue color of the crystals of this type of salt is created naturally and completely original, and its large crystals cannot be dyed. But some profit-seeking people color the small grains of ordinary salt. The method of distinguishing original blue salt from fake is as follows:
1. Large salt crystals should have blue streaks inside.
2. If the blue salt is pounded, the crushed grains will be white and not blue in color.
3. Blue salt is not completely blue, but it is transparent and there are streaks of blue color inside it.
In many countries of the world, water salt is used for different purposes. Some people in the world expose blue salt for its eye-pleasing beauty, and some use it to heal sore eyes. Also, in some places, blue salt is used because of the minerals in it. The price of blue salt is much higher than ordinary salts because this material is very rare and is found in a rare form in veins of some salt mines.


Properties of blue rock salt
Iranian blue rock salt is one of the best salts in the world with its natural potassium and therapeutic and medicinal properties.

Salt is undoubtedly the most important spice and flavoring in kitchens. Without it, most meals would be bland and inedible. As you know, there are different types of salt in the world, one of the rarest of which is blue rock salt.

This type of rock salt is found only in the mountains around the city of qom and Garmsar, and it has unique properties due to the presence of rich minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, and calcium. According to the preliminary analyzes conducted by our company in the reliable laboratories of Iran, Iranian blue salt has sodium chloride purity higher than 95%.

The properties of this salt include: anti-infective and anti-bacterial properties, regulation of blood pressure, regulation of body balance, strong anti-stress, regulation of sleep, help in digestion, solving some respiratory problems, increasing body immunity, preventing muscle spasms, useful For oral hygiene and many others.

In any case, note that excessive consumption of any food and salt will cause the results of the photo to appear. So, you should not overdo it with water salt.

Ways to detect fake salt

  • Large rock salt crystals should have dark blue streaks within them.
  • When blue salt is ground, its color is mostly whitish.
  • Fake blue salt, if dissolved in water, will change the color of the water to blue.


Blue salt is also known as Semnan blue salt , Garmsar blue salt or Iranian rock salt . Products related to blue salt from rock saltIt turns out that everyone is fascinated by its wonderful color. It is interesting to know that this precious gem exists only in our country and has many fans all over the world. The rarity, the special conditions of extracting blue salt rock and the beautiful color have made this product considered a luxury salt and it is used as a decorative salt in the best restaurants in the world. But if we ignore the beauty and specialness of this salt, its extraordinary properties are a very important point. Today, many people in the world know this salt and pink salt as health salts and prepare them for their daily use. If you do not know what blue salt is and what its properties are, stay with us until the end of the article. In this article, we will discuss the important points about blue salt and the properties of Iranian blue salt.

What is blue salt?

Iranian blue salt rock is one of the rarest and oldest types of salt in the world. This salt is extracted from the mines of Semnan and Garmsar provinces. Its beautiful color is due to the presence of potassium, which, of course, is also very valuable for health. Iranian blue salt is considered one of the cleanest and purest salts in the world, because it is the final result of the oceans that dried up more than 200 million years ago and have no pollution. This salt is different from other edible salts in the world in terms of taste. The taste of Semnan blue salt is extremely salty and the end of its taste is slightly sour, of course, it should be noted that this special taste is precisely due to the potassium element. . You can use Semnan blue salt as a daily salt and its amount also depends on personal taste. Currently, there are 2 types of blue salt in the market, Semnan sugar grain blue salt and crystalline blue salt. The crystal blue salt of Garmsar, which is extracted from the mines of that area, is transparent like pieces of glass and has a richer blue color, but the blue salt of Semnan has a lighter color and is sometimes close to white. These two types of salt are both blue salt and have the same nutritional value, but due to its more beautiful color, blue crystal salt is more popular and more luxurious, even this salt is used for decorative purposes. But our suggestion for using blue salt for daily use is to prepare sugar grain blue salt because crystalline blue salt has a higher price due to the special conditions of extraction. The properties of these two types of salt are the same, so buying Semnan sugar grain blue salt is a cost-effective choice. These two types of salt are both blue salt and have the same nutritional value, but due to its more beautiful color, blue crystal salt is more popular and more luxurious, even this salt is used for decorative purposes. But our suggestion for using blue salt for daily use is to prepare sugar grain blue salt because crystalline blue salt has a higher price due to the special conditions of extraction. The properties of these two types of salt are the same, so buying Semnan sugar grain blue salt is a cost-effective choice. These two types of salt are both blue salt and have the same nutritional value, but due to its more beautiful color, blue crystal salt is more popular and more luxurious, even this salt is used for decorative purposes. But our suggestion for using blue salt for daily use is to prepare sugar grain blue salt because crystalline blue salt has a higher price due to the special conditions of extraction. The properties of these two types of salt are the same, so buying Semnan sugar grain blue salt is a cost-effective choice.

Why is this salt called Iranian blue salt?

Iranian blue salt, as its name suggests, exists only in Iran. This salt is extracted in the desert mines of Lot Valley located in Semnan province. This region is one of the hottest regions on earth and temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. The highest earth temperature of more than 70 degrees Celsius that has been measured so far in the world has also been shown in this region. Crystal blue salt is extracted from the heart of the Semnan mountains and in complex conditions, it has a stunning color and by its nature Special conditions cause the price of crystalline blue salt to rise.

For what foods should we use Iranian blue rock salt?

This salt is very suitable for fish and meat dishes, seafood, potatoes, salads and vegetables. However, because this salt has a special beauty, many chefs use it as a decorative salt for serving or as table salt . Its glassy, ​​bluish grains are beautiful for decoration on plates as well. You can use it as a border on the glass to decorate sour drinks. If you use blue salt for decoration, buy the coarse type, because the finer the salt, the whiter the color, and the difference in color from other salts is not very clear.

What is the difference between Garmsar crystalline blue salt and normal salts?

Crystal blue salt is very rare and therefore slightly more expensive than traditional salt. It does not have very large blocks, but only in strips with a width of 20 to 30 cm in Garmsar deposits. These thin layers have been created over millions of years due to pressure and tectonic displacement of the earth’s plates. Then the structure of the crystal lattices of the salt is changed and the light is refracted in a special way and therefore appears blue to the viewer. These changes can also produce shades of yellow, pink, gray and white. Extraction of blue salt is much more complicated than traditional salt. For one kilogram of it, you should use about 100 kilograms of salt. Everyone knows from school that table salt has sodium chloride as a chemical compound. Iranian blue salt, on the other hand, even has a high content of potassium chloride, and this naturalness makes it beneficial for health.

The properties of Iranian blue salt and its minerals

In the past, maybe few people had heard the name of blue salt or could use it, but thanks to the information of websites and social networks, today more people in the world know what blue salt is and what properties it has. There are many minerals that help improve human health. In the rest of the article, we will examine its ingredients so that you can learn more about the properties of blue salt.

  • magnesium

The magnesium element basically causes the attractive blue color, magnesium causes hundreds of reactions in the body, reactions such as energy production , protein formation , and muscle movement are all effects of the presence of magnesium. Magnesium is present in all the cells of the body and the body needs it to function better.

  • potassium

Diets that are rich in large amounts of potassium can regulate mood by up to 20%. It is interesting to know that the potassium in water salt reduces blood pressure and heart diseases .

Potassium is also beneficial for bone and muscle strength and preventing loss of muscle mass . This element is needed for many natural processes of the body and the body of adults consumes 4700 mg of it daily

  • sodium

The human body needs a small amount of sodium for the communication of the nervous system , it also keeps the amount of water and minerals in the body proportionate, salt is the most basic source of sodium.

Very important point: You should be aware that high sodium consumption increases blood pressure and liver problems.

  • Calcium

Calcium is very useful for the body and all organs use it. Calcium is necessary for the strength and hardness of bones and ensures their health. The source of calcium is daily dairy products, but it is good to know that blue salt is a rich source of calcium .

  • iron

Iron is a mineral that is used for the function of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is a protein used to transport oxygen . That is why we must have the right amount of iron in our body.

How to buy original Iranian blue salt

You are familiar with blue salt and its properties for the health of the body. If you are planning to buy this product, we suggest that you buy blue salt from reputable stores. Mr. Salt is a specialized site for buying natural salts such as blue salt and pink salt. By referring to the site menu, you can view blue salt and all salt-related products and buy as much as you want. You can also use Mr. Namak’s advice to get more information.

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