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Bulk purchase of cardamom, cardamomprice in 2023


The new year price of first grade Iranian cardamom is 2 dollars per kilo, wholesale, and if you buy a large amount, the price will be reduced by 1 dollar.

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Therefore, those who intend to buy cardamom in bulk should confirm their order as soon as possible.

Every year at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, we face an increase in the price of green cardamom and most spices, and the reason for this is the increase in demand for these products.

Is it possible to offer vows and Zardpezan shells in the courtyards of old houses and grandmother’s unique tea for family members without the aroma and taste of cardamom? I have never seen or heard of it, how about you? If you have even a little taste for cooking, pastry and dessert, but you are not aware of the world of spices and aromatics, especially buying cardamom, we must say that one of the foundations of your work is lacking. In this article, in addition to introducing the types of cardamom, including cardamom and other reputable brands available in the wholesale and retail market of Iran today, he intends to provide his decades of experience and expert opinion in the form of a comprehensive and special guide for buying one kilo cardamom. Dear audience and interested people.

How much is cardamom? And how can we buy in bulk, how to buy cardamom in Turkey and how to buy cardamom in Sri Lanka

What is the global market for cardamom?

The global market for cardamom is expected to grow in the coming years, with a projected growth of $168.87 million during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of 3.06% during the forecast period.

Which country produces black cardamom?

India is the main producer of black cardamom.

Which country is export No 1?

If you are asking about the number one exporter of cardamom, that would be Guatemala.

Who are the top 5 importers of the world?

The top 5 importers of cardamom in the world are the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and India.

What is Israel’s number one import?

Israel’s number one import is refined petroleum.

What are Palestine’s top imports?

Palestine’s top imports include refined petroleum, raw sugar, cars, and wheat.

What is the best export in Israel?

The best export in Israel is cut diamonds.

Who is Israel’s largest trading partner in Asia?

Israel’s largest trading partner in Asia is China.

What country buys the most?

This question is too broad. Please specify the product or category in which you are interested.

Who is China’s number one importer?

China’s number one importer is the United States.

Who is Russia’s biggest importer?

Russia’s biggest importer is China.

What are the top 3 exports?

According to the World Factbook by the CIA, the top 3 exports in the world are petroleum and petroleum products, electrical machinery and equipment, and machinery and mechanical appliances.

What is the most exported good in the world?

The most exported good in the world is crude oil.

What is China’s number one exporter?

China’s number one exporter is the United States.

What is the name of the big cardamom?

The name of the big cardamom is black cardamom.

Which cardamom is best for tea?

The best cardamom for tea is green cardamom.

Why is cardamom so expensive?

Cardamom is expensive due to several factors, including high demand, low supply, and labor-intensive harvesting and processing methods.

What is the future of cardamom?

The future of cardamom looks promising, with projected growth in the global market and increased demand for natural and organic products driving growth in the spice industry.

Is cardamom good business?

Cardamom can be a good business, as it is a valuable spice that is used in a variety of products and has a strong global market.

Which state is the largest producer of cardamom in the world?

The state that is the largest producer of cardamom in the world is Guatemala.

How long can cardamom last?

Cardamom can last up to a year if stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

What are the disadvantages of cardamom?

Some potential disadvantages of cardamom include high cost, potential allergic reactions, and interactions with certain medications.

How long does it take for a cardamom plant?

It takes about 2-3 years for a cardamom plant to reach maturity and begin producing seeds.

Why remove cardamom seeds?

Cardamom seeds are removed from the pod before use because they contain the majority of the spice’s flavor and aroma.

cardamom buyers

Forecast and analysis of the wholesale price of cardamom at the end of summer 2023.
Without a doubt, cardamom is known as one of the most fragrant and popular spices in the perfumery market, which is used in many foods and herbal teas due to its pleasant and pleasant aroma. Hel Akbar, besides its unique aroma and taste, has numerous medicinal and therapeutic properties, such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening sexual powers, health of the mouth and teeth, freshness of skin and hair, cleansing of body toxins, etc.; Therefore, cardamom has many fans all over the world for various purposes such as preparing cardamom powder, extracting sweat, preparing extract, etc. The country of India is considered as the main and largest producer of cardamom in the world, which, along with Guatemala, supplies cardamom to the dry fruit and spice markets of the world.
Currently, Indian cardamom is sold in various packaging and colors by reputable companies such as Emperor Akbar, and the price of cardamom in the daily market of herbal products is determined by various factors such as the amount of cultivation and harvesting, the amount of demand, the cost of transportation, the fluctuations of the currency market, etc. will be
Today, reputable centers such as Zarin Trading in Iran are engaged in selling cardamom in retail and wholesale; Therefore, applicants for buying high-quality and first-class cardamom can contact the experts in this field to inquire about the wholesale price of cardamom.
Now, many cardamom customers have this question in mind: what will be the wholesale price of cardamom at the end of summer 2023? To get the answer to this question, we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article.

Introduction of cardamom

Harvesting time Emperor
cardamom of India, due to its excellent quality, constitutes the major part of the dried fruits and spices market all over the world. Cardamom is packaged and supplied by Emperor Akbar Company, which contains first grade cardamom with a diameter of 8 mm. Every year, cardamom is harvested from Indian farms in the months of July, August and September. Due to favorable weather conditions and very high rainfall in 2023 in India, the amount of cardamom harvested from fields has increased greatly; Therefore, most experts in the field of Attari products have predicted that the price of cardamom will decrease.

The price of one kilo of cardamom at the end of summer 2023.
As mentioned, cardamom is harvested from Indian farms in the summer, and considering that the processing steps of cardamom include drying the product, cleaning, sorting, sorting and packaging of cardamom will be time-consuming; Therefore, fresh cardamom will be offered to Iran’s dry fruits and spices market after being transferred to Iranian customs and the clearance process in October and November of 2023. Currently, the price of one kilo of large 8mm big buckthorn in the market is about 700 thousand tomans; Therefore, if there is no noticeable and significant change in the exchange rate, sea transportation, insurance and miscellaneous costs of importing cardamom from India to Iran, experts have predicted that the price of cardamom will reach 550 thousand tomans per kilo.

Buying cardamom

Currently, various centers across the country, such as Zarin Trading, are engaged in buying and selling wholesale cardamom with excellent quality and reasonable prices; Therefore, applicants for bulk purchase of large cardamom in 2023 should purchase only the required amount of the product from authorized and authorized centers until the release of fresh and new cardamom; Because due to the increase in the amount of cultivation and harvesting of cardamom from Indian farms and the forecast that the price of each kilo of cardamom will decrease to about 550 to 600 thousand tomans in the beginning of autumn 2023, it is recommended that customers refrain from bulk purchases of cardamom in summer.
The cardamom available in the market of dried fruit products over time, as the end of summer approaches, takes on a yellow color and its quality decreases; Therefore, it is recommended that those who wish to purchase bulk cardamoms wait until autumn arrives and purchase high-quality large cardamoms with a better appearance, greener color, more aroma and lower price in October and November 2023.
The online store is known as a reference for the wholesale sale of first-class and high-quality cardamom, which customers can refer to the main page of the product to be informed of its current price or contact experts in this field to inquire about the price and place an order if they wish. .

The price of cardamom at the beginning.

In this section, we want to forecast the price of cardamom at the beginning of this year. Cardamom harvesting season in India starts in July and August. The stages of harvesting, packing and entering this product to Iran will take about several months and they will probably enter Iran again in October or November of this year. According to our forecast for the new year, we will have a price increase due to the following reasons.

The increase in the global price of Indian cardamom, the
increase in the customs tariff in the country, the
removal of the preferred currency for imported goods , for
this reason, people who intend to buy bulk cardamom, it is better to get this product as soon as possible; Because the price we currently put on the site is based on last year’s imported cardamoms.

The possibility of a decrease in the price of cardamom in the spring of 2023
Undoubtedly, green cardamom is one of the most aromatic spices in the market of dry fruits and herbal products, which is sold in various packages by supplier companies. Cardamom is one of the most widely used cardamoms available in the market, which is used to prepare a variety of herbal teas and foods with its unique taste and aroma. Currently, two types of Indian and Guatemalan cardamom are offered to the spice and dried fruit market all over the world according to the cultivation area, each of which is used for different purposes according to their properties. First-class and high-quality Indian cardamom is marketed by Emperor Akbar company in packages with different colors and different sizes, which is appreciated by many consumers due to its many medicinal and therapeutic properties. The price of cardamom is determined by various factors such as the quality of the product, the amount of production, the amount of demand, exchange rate fluctuations and the cost of transportation, but many experts in this field have predicted the possibility of a decrease in the price of cardamom in the spring of 2023, which we will try here. To discuss the reasons for the possible decrease in the price of cardamom in 2023; So we recommend not to miss reading this article.

Cardamom price forecast in 2023

Cardamom is one of the high-quality cardamoms in the country’s dry fruits and spices market, which has a higher price compared to other cardamoms. The cardamoms available in the market are grown in India and Guatemala and are imported to the medicinal plant market all over the world, especially the Middle East and Iran. Many experts in the field of plant products believe that the price of cardamom will not increase in the spring of 2023 due to several reasons such as the increase in cultivation in India and Guatemala due to favorable weather conditions and the opening of India’s borders after quarantine. The import of large quantities of cardamom to the Iranian market and approaching the re-harvest season is facing a possible decrease. With the arrival of the new year and the month of Ramadan in Iran and other Islamic countries, the amount of cardamom consumption increases and many people apply to buy high-quality cardamom at a reasonable price; Therefore, customers of Hel can get information about the daily price of Hel by referring to the main page of Hel in Zarin Trading or contacting the experts of the collection through phone numbers and social networks.

Factors affecting the price of green cardamom in 2023 and Ramadan 1443
Indian cardamom is one of the most popular and best-selling products in the country’s vegetable and dried fruit market, which is sold in retail and wholesale form by reputable dried fruit and spice supply centers. Due to its excellent quality, Indian cardamom has a higher price than other cardamoms available in the market. In general, the selling price of cardamom is determined by factors such as the quality of the product (large, healthy, bold, nutty, etc.), the amount of cultivation and import to the country, the amount of demand, exchange rate fluctuations, and transportation cost, which is based on Experts in the field of herbal products predict that the price of cardamom will decrease in the beginning of 2023 due to various reasons; Therefore, if you are planning to buy cardamom, we recommend that you make a partial purchase of cardamom now. Now, in order to inquire about the price and bulk purchase of cardamom in the spring of 2023, we suggest that you visit the reputable Attari centers of the country and register an online purchase order if necessary.

Harvesting time of green cardamom from Indian farms Green cardamom is harvested
every year from the farms of India and Guatemala, where different companies export cardamoms in packages and bulk to the whole world such as the Middle East and Iran. In general, green cardamom harvest time from Indian farms starts in late spring and finally it enters the dry fruits and spices market of Iran in late summer and early autumn. Companies active in the field of Indian green cardamom export, pack this product dry, chilled and in different sizes. Green cardamom has many fans all over the world due to its quality, and it also has many fans in the herbal products market of Iran. It should be noted that the production and expiration date of cardamom will be written on its packaging, which should be taken into account when buying.


Forecast of the price of cardamom in the fall and winter of 2023

due to the high production of green cardamom in India this year and due to the epidemic of corona disease in the world, many of the products produced in India remained and allowed to be exported to Europe and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. which (the main purpose of exporting this product) is not found and basically it is not possible to export this product. Also, due to the dire situation in India itself due to the epidemic of the new strain of delta virus, they could not export this year’s products in a large amount. As a result, the market for this product is only for domestic consumption in India, which is also affected by the epidemic of this virus. Was.

For this reason, the prices have decreased tremendously and will continue to decrease in the future, and it is expected that in the second half of 2023, the price of this product will decrease by 50 thousand tomans per kilo in wholesale sales. And as we have seen the daily price of this product decrease from summer to fall this year, we hope that the price of this product will continue to decrease with the stability of the exchange rate. According to the mentioned points, those who want to buy cardamom in bulk are advised to buy this product according to their needs and consumption in order to do this at a minimum price, with a lower and more economical cost.

Dear customers and cardamom buyers can check the current price of this product by referring to its page and also benefit from the advices and forecasts for this product, we hope that these advices will help you make a better decision to buy this product.

Analysis and prediction of the price of cardamom in the winter of 2019.
The favorable weather conditions that we have experienced this year have led to the prosperity of agriculture and the harvest of a large crop. Due to the fact that the European continent is quarantined and the borders are closed, this year India could not export well in the field of spices. Therefore, all of the last year’s cashew crop has almost been added to this year’s crop. Also, due to the abundance of the product, we are facing a decrease in the price of cardamom this year. Roughly, the price of cardamom in the winter of 2019 has decreased between 100 and 150 thousand tomans per kilo.

As a result, if the currency price is stable, the price of cardamom will remain constant until the summer of next year at around 880 to 980 thousand tomans. According to these conditions, if factories intend to buy cardamom for the production of products, coffee shops and home products and are waiting for the price to stabilize, they can safely buy the product they need, because the price of cardamom will not be lower than the current level. .

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New cardamom packaging

Analysis and prediction of the wholesale price of cardamom in the fall of 2019
As mentioned before, cardamom is one of the products of India, which is harvested from the fields of India in the summer season (July, August and September). Due to the abundant rainfall in India in 1999, the production of cardamom in this country increased, but the global conditions caused by the spread of the corona virus and the closure of the borders of countries around the world caused the product of Indian cardamom not to sell much; because the export of the Great Cardamom to European countries, the Middle East and other regions of the world was stopped; Therefore, the price of cardamom in the daily spice market decreased sharply.

Now, with the arrival of the new cardamom harvesting season in India, the complete failure to sell the previous year’s load and the start of importing this product to Iran from November and December, there is a possibility of a major decrease in the price of cardamom in the fall of 2019 if the exchange rate is stable. Of course, the amount of harvest and export of Indian cardamom will affect the final price of this product. Therefore, if you are looking for a wholesale purchase of Indian cardamom, we recommend that you plan to purchase the product step by step so that you can get fresh cardamom at a reasonable price from sales centers every time.

What are the characteristics of quality cardamom? And have you ever used Hel Akbari?
Do you know anything about the various categories of Hel Akbari? What points should be considered to buy Hel Akbari? Do you know about the price of Halal Akbar in today’s market? We have good news for you dear customers, stay with us. Therefore, if you are one of the lovers and practitioners of the art of baking and cooking and a fan of aromatic spices, or at least you don’t mind preparing unforgettable desserts with the help of the miraculous aroma and taste of cardamom and shine in entertaining your guests; Take seriously the reading of a complete and practical guide on buying Hel Akbar.

The position of cardamom among Iranians
, since cardamom is one of the most expensive, luxurious and fragrant spices in the world, its use in any food, sweet, dessert, and drink will undoubtedly increase the quality level of that product and increase its price.

of cardamom spice because of its unique aroma and taste in cooking all kinds of food, sweets and desserts; Shelle Zard is considered the most famous dessert among us Iranians, it has many uses. It is not bad to know that cardamom spice has an important place in the art of decorating sweets because of its beauty.

For this reason, different types of this spice are packaged in the market and are used for different purposes.

It is better to introduce the origin of this popular spice at the beginning.

Cardamom is a flowering plant belonging to the ginger family and has different types such as green cardamom, white cardamom and black cardamom. In Iran, we are more familiar with green cardamom and white cardamom.

The origin of this plant is India and Guatemala, and its Indian type is the best type of cardamom in the world.

In addition to many uses in the food industry, cardamom also has many healing properties that are known to the world and have increased the value of this plant.

As we said, there are different types of cardamom
, but in Iran, the green type of this plant is mostly used. If we want to classify cardamom spice, we must examine it from different aspects, including: the brand and packaging brand imported to the country, the size of the plant and its appearance. Indicators such as greenness or yellowish color of cardamom, whether it is large or small, whether it is full of seeds or hollow, whether the skin is crushed or healthy, whether it is available as whole seeds or powdered cardamom, etc., are important in the appearance classification of this plant. It is abundant.

The most famous cardamom packaging company imported to Iran is known as Akbari Cardamom, which has the brand name “Akbar Imperial Cardamom: Natural Indian Green Cardamom” in Latin on all types of Akbari cardamom packaging. Hel Akbari can be classified based on the weight and color of the packaging. In terms of weight, Hel Akbar is available in packs of 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo and 5 kilos. Hel Akbar has different types in terms of packaging color, and here we will describe the characteristics of each one in detail.

cardamom is the best and most valuable type of Akbari cardamom. The color of the cardamom seeds is rich green and it is considered the largest, healthiest, most uniform and feathery cardamom available. Remember that the aroma of cardamom is related to the black seeds inside, and the bark of the plant alone does not have a specific aroma. So the larger the plant, the more and better it will be. The price of cardamom is considered an expensive product due to the beauty of the cardamom plant, its high quality and its very elegant and stylish packaging, and for this reason, it is mostly used in small items and coffee shops to decorate sweets or flavor teas, because the use of cardamom It is not cost-effective in confectionery workshops and production work.

At the end of the article, there are more detailed explanations about the wholesale price of cardamom and the factors affecting the price of cardamom. Indian cardamom is known as one of the best and highest quality cardamom available in the spice and dried fruit market around the world, which is offered by Emperor Akbar company in purple packaging. In addition to its pleasant aroma, cardamom has many medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Cardamom is used to prepare herbal teas, cook various foods and decorate sweets. In terms of appearance quality, this model of cardamom has characteristics such as large, healthy, beautiful seeds, without peeling, full of seeds and without crushing. Currently, the business is active in the country as a supplier and seller of quality and original cardamom in various packages; Therefore, if you are looking to buy cardamom at an affordable price, you can refer to the main page of the product or contact the sales experts to find out about the daily price of Akbar Emperor cardamom.

Other high-quality types of green cardamom in the Iranian market,
among other types of high-quality cardamom in Iran, we can mention the JRK cardamom, which is imported in one-kilogram packages and is large and green in color.

Moss brand cardamom is available in half, one and 5 kg packages in the Iranian market, which is considered to be large-seeded, green, healthy and of high quality. Some call it 8 mm cardamom, which is the largest type of cardamom. The color of this cardamom is slightly yellow compared to cardamom, but it has a unique taste and aroma.

Phil Mark cardamom, which is vacuum-packed in 5 kg cartons and inside black nylon, to preserve its natural flavor as much as possible, is available in Iran in different varieties: JLJ, coarse-grained FLG, coarse-grained AG. , medium-grain MLG and GOP, all of which come from India and Guatemala cardamom, but they are generally fine-grained. Of course, the high quality of Akbari cardamom has caused that no one buys these brands when cardamom and types of Akbari cardamom or JRK cardamom are available in the market.

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Know the characteristics of good cardamom!
If the price of cardamom or cardamom is not a problem for you and you can get it, you will be relieved because of the excellent quality of the product. Otherwise, when buying cardamom, always remember these points: the dimensions of the cardamom should not be too big or small, its length should not be too long, it should be proportionate in general, and its color should be as green as possible, and the seeds should not be cracked or open. Cardamom is better.

If the cardamom is left too much, it will lose its original quality and its color will turn yellow, if the skin of the cardamom is healthy, it is more beautiful and of better quality, just be careful that the skin of the cardamom is not dyed! Cardamom greens must be completely natural, otherwise the desired cardamom is not healthy.

The finer the cardamom, the less grainy it is, the more broken and crushed it is, the more heterogeneous and disproportionate it is, it is not good quality. If the cardamom is flaky in appearance, but there are not a lot of black seeds inside, it can be used for confectionery and confectionery purposes in factories and factories, because it will have a reasonable price, but if only the skin of the cardamom remains, it has no special use on its own. To be combined with the weak type of cardamom, which in this case, although it will be economical, but it will not be of high quality.

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Factors affecting the wholesale price of cardamom
, enough information has been provided to you to know and buy cardamom, but it is not bad to read this section in order to know the price of cardamom and various factors that have a significant impact on the wholesale price of cardamom.

In relation to the price of large cardamom and cardamom spice in general, in the field of confectionery, confectionery, food industry, atari and tea industry, different indicators should be evaluated. For example, the climate of India at the time when the cardamom plant is planted has an effect on its harvest. The more cardamom that is harvested, naturally, more of it is exported and imported to Iran, so in this case the price will be lower.

Goods are transported through the Oman Sea and Bandar Abbas Customs and then sent to different parts of the country. Sea transportation is very expensive, and the price of the currency and the amount of government currency allocated to the import of Hel Akbari affect it. The political relations between our country and India have always been peaceful, but any political event between these two countries will have clear effects on the imported date palm and other imported dates.

Cardamom harvesting season is usually the second and third months of the year, i.e. the beginning of summer, but the process of harvesting the plant, drying and harvesting it makes the cardamom shipment arrive in Iran in October and November. The main price of cardamom in this month is usually lower than the year, but it is normal for the price to rise and fall from time to time.

It is possible to get a free consultation to buy a product from a special service that is intended for you.

Production workshops, mills and sellers of confectionery and atari supplies centers can consult with our experts so that they can choose and buy the best and most economical cardamom available for their work. Get in touch with us.

Wholesale purchase of cardamom on the internet and online
as a sales reference for the country’s vegetable and dried fruit products in Isfahan, which sells all kinds of cardamom such as high-quality and first-class cardamom at a reasonable price. This platform has been provided for the applicants so that they can find out the daily price of the product by referring to the main page of Hel or by calling and online. Customers buying cardamom can contact the experts in this field through the phone numbers mentioned above or social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram and register an online purchase order if they wish. Zareen Trading sends the product purchased by the customers to all parts of the country by bus, mail and freight as soon as possible and at an affordable cost.

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